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Tết 2019 was big. A surge in demand for consumption and gifting made household spending doubled in just 4 weeks leading up to Tết. Consumers are willing to buy more with higher prices in all product categories ranging from FMCG to premium electronics and travel tickets.
With continuous and stronger push from brands every year, Tết 2020 is expected to be even bigger.

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Learn about the Tết opportunity and how to win from the leading experts in digital advertising.
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With 24 million monthly active users, we have a clear understanding of consumer behavior and their decision making process near Tết

More than 7,500 clients trust our expertise in digital and use our advertising solutions for their Tết campaigns

We utilize advanced technologies to fill the gaps between what industry offers to marketing professionals and their ever-changing demand

The Tết 2020 Playbook

Understand the changes in the market during festive season

Dive deep into people’s purchase behavior

Insights on the most popular market segments

Expert tips on how to maximize the effectiveness of your Tết campaign

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We provide a huge variety of advertising products that fit both branding and performance purposes. Reach 24 million potential customers actively using Cốc Cốc browser and search engine during Tết with an excellent message.

Go Premium

Create an instant but long-lasting impression with Skin ads that cover the whole new tab of our browser. Exceptionally good for big branding campaigns, and has a video option for even more impact

Be Magnetic

The Magnetic Masthead ads stick to the top of the page for 3 seconds then change into a 970×90 banner, ensuring outstanding viewability. Video options available

Stay Gentle

Fit naturally in Cốc Cốc browser’s Newtab 4.0 newsfeed, the Big In-feed Banner and its Native version will capture the attention of your target audience and encourage them to consider your product in a credible way
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The cherry on top

The perfect Tết advertisement comes with the perfect gift. We have a lot of promotions just for this occasion.

Premium Gratitude

Spend at least 20% of your monthly budget on premium formats (Video Banner, Magnetic Masthead Video, Newtab Skin, Video Skin) and get a bonus next month
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Roadblock Extension

Run 1 roadblock for the regular price and get a 50% discount for the next purchase of Newtab Skin/Video Skin/Magnetic Masthead Video/Video banner within 15 days after the roadblock is aired
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Big In-feed Banners Promotion

Promotion minimum bidding price (01.11.2019 - 05.01.2020): 5,000 VNĐ (incl. VAT) Regular minimum bidding price: 11,500 VNĐ (incl. VAT)
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Welcome coupon for new clients from agencies

Each new Cốc Cốc Ad Platform account an agency opens for their clients will receive a coupon from 500,000 - 1,000,000 VNĐ in the following month based on the agency’s performance.
Please contact our Client Success Team via email or phone (024) 38 838 838 for more information.
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