Introducing Alo Coc Coc – a service to advance your telesales

QC Coc Coc proudly introduces Alo Coc Coc – a new service that helps accelerate your telesales.

What is Alo Coc Coc?

Alo Coc Coc is a new service from QC Coc Coc, which adds a call-back request button to your website. Once your customers enter their phone numbers in the form request and hit “Call me”, Alo Coc Coc will connect your sales team to your customers under 26 seconds.

How Alo Coc Coc works

1. Your customer clicks Alo Coc Coc button, a request form pops up. Your customer enters their phone number and clicks “Call me”.


2. Alo Coc Coc immediately notifies sales team.

3. Your sales team is connected to your customer under 26 seconds through Alo Coc Coc call center.

4. Your sales team talk to your customer.

How Alo Coc Coc benefits your business?

1. Increase your telesales

Thanks to a noticeable call-back request button on your website, customers are encouraged to leave a request. Your sales team will be notified and connected to your customers in under 26 second, which will impress them by your quick response.

Additionally, your customers do not have to pay for the calls and do not need to wait. This will increase the sales opportunities and your revenue through telesales. A research from QC Coc Coc shows that the number of calls actually rises by 30 – 150% thanks to Alo Coc Coc.

2. Never miss a single call, even it’s not in standard working hours

Alo Coc Coc receives call requests 24/7, including time that are not working hours. Alo Coc Coc will collect these requests and connect you to the sales team when a new working day starts.

Customers are allowed to schedule which time is best for calling them.

3. Provide analytics to improve your sales process

Alo Coc Coc records the information about how your customers find your sites, time and durations of the calls, locations of your customers, etc. These insights will help you determine the most money-making ads.

Alo Coc Coc even records the calls between your sales team and customers. You can listen to them anytime and adjust the sales process as well as train your sales team.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for support installing Alo Coc Coc:

Hotline: (024) 38 838 838 – Email: or

Skype: coccoc_qc