How Your Maximum Weekly Budget Works

Your maximum weekly budget allows you to limit the amount of money you spend on your QC Cốc Cốc campaigns.  You can also use an unlimited budget to reach the most potential customers.

  1. How do I set or change my maximum weekly budget?

You initially set your budget when you create a campaign.

If you wish to edit your budget at a later date, you can always edit your maximum weekly budget from your campaign dashboard or the individual campaign page.

  1. How does my maximum weekly budget affect daily spending?

We try to divide your budget so you spend approximately an equal amount each day. You can estimate your daily spending by dividing your maximum weekly budget by 7 (for 7 days in a week). For instance, if your maximum weekly budget is 700,000 VNĐ , you will spend roughly  100,000 VNĐ per day.

While we try to do this evenly, sometimes your daily spending may be slightly higher or lower than this estimate.

  1. When does my maximum weekly budget start?

Your budget starts on the day your ad becomes active:

  • For ads set to start immediately, this will be when they are approved by moderation
  • For ads set to start at a later date via campaign duration or ad scheduling, this will be when the ad is scheduled to start and becomes active.

Note: On the first day, your campaign may spend less than its estimated daily budget. This is because, once your ad becomes active, our system only uses the portion of your budget for the hours which remain in the day.

E.g. If you set up for your ads to run at 8.00 am, you may spend just about 2/3 of your daily budget.

Starting the next day, your daily spending will be normal.

  1. Will I always spend exactly my budget?

Not always, your spending can be below your budget, or in some cases slightly exceed your budget. If your ads do not receive enough clicks to utilize your entire budget, you might spend less than your maximum weekly budget allows.

Additionally, to help maximize your ads’ effectiveness and make sure your ads can still run during times when they’re especially popular, you might sometimes exceed your maximum weekly budget by up to 25%. Such cases are not considered overspending.

  1. What if I want to increase my budget?

You can increase your budget any time by clicking the pencil icon followed “Budget” in your campaign dashboard.  If you increase your maximum weekly budget, your daily spending may not reflect this change until the next day. This is because our system calculates your new spending after subtracting the amount you’ve already spent on that day under your previous budget.

Therefore, if you want to increase your budget for just a single day, we recommend either increasing your maximum weekly budget one day in advance, or creating a new ad and scheduling it to begin on your desired day with your desired budget.

  1. What if I’m using ad scheduling to only run my ads part of the day?

If you use ad scheduling, your estimated daily budget will be divided over all hours for which your ad is active. For example, if you only run your ad for 8 hours per day, your estimated daily budget (based on your maximum weekly budget) will be spread over just those 8 hours.