How the ad moderation process works

After you’ve saved or edited your ad, your ad will go through our moderation process to make sure it’s safe for our users.

We review your ad and landing page based on our advertising requirements. You can find the full list of requirements for all our ad types here.

  1. When will my ad be moderated?

Your ad will be automatically submitted to our moderation queue when:

  • You finish creating your ad and click “Save”.
  • You edit an existing ad’s content and keywords/ categories.

Note: Ads in the moderation queue will have the status “Pending

  1. How long does moderation take?

Our moderation time will depend on the volume of ads submitted to our queue. Normally, ads will be moderated within 8 hours.

Tip: If you need your ad to be approved by a certain date/ time, please submit your ad multiple days before that date to guarantee it’s ready in time. You can set a specific start time when you create an ad.

  1. What happens after moderation?

  • You can check the moderation results by viewing your ad’s status:
  • “Active”: Congratulations! This status means your ad meets all of our requirements. It will now begin to display to our users with the targeting preferences you selected.

  • “Rejected”: Unfortunately, something in your ad didn’t meet our ad requirements. You can find the specific rejection reason(s) by hovering over the question mark next your ad’s status.

If your ad was rejected, please make the noted corrections and resubmit your ad. You can always contact our support team to help fix your ads.

  1. Why did my ad get rejected?

To find the rejection reason(s), please hover your mouse over the question mark near your ad’s status.

If you think your ad follows all our ad requirements as originally submitted, please contact our support team via:

Hotline:  (024) 38 838 838

Skype: coccoc_qc or Yahoo: coccoc_qc


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