How your clicks, impressions, CTR are calculated

1. Clicks

2. Impressions

3. Clickthrough rate (CTR)

4. Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Click

click is counted when a single user clicks on your ad. One click means that one user clicked on your ad one time.

  • An ad with good content and highly relevant targeting is more likely to attract clicks.
  • Clicks are counted even when users click on your ad but don’t visit your website (e.g. when they open in a new tab, stop loading your page, your page has an error loading, etc).
  • Fraudulent clicks are not counted.

Click fraud and anti-fraud system

  • Fraudulent click: a click that doesn’t bring any benefit to the advertiser while creating an abnormal relation between clicks and impressions.

ExampleClicks that are performed, manually or by software, with the intention to fraudulently increase an advertiser’s billable clicks; clicks generated by computing errors, double clicks, etc.

  • QC Cốc Cốc Anti-Fraud Measures: Our built-in system automatically detects clicks that have a high-potential to be fraudulent. QC Cốc Cốc will not charge you for such clicks. If you see any suspicious statistics, please contact us.
  1. Impression

An impression is counted every time your ad appears on a user’s screen, regardless of whether the user clicks on your ad.

  • Search ad: An impression is counted when your ad appears on a user’s search results page.

*Please note: If a user doesn’t scroll down the search results page far enough to be able to see bottom ads, we do not count that as an impression. We only count ad impressions when an ad is actually displayed on a user’s screen. In other words, we only count “viewed” impressions.

  • Retargeting, banner, or icon ads on the Cốc Cốc homepage: An impression is counted when your ad appears on the Cốc Cốc homepage.
  1. Clickthrough Rate (CTR)

A ratio that tells you how often people who see your ad end up clicking on your ad. A high CTR is a good indication that your ad is relevant and helpful to customers.

  • CTR is the number of clicks that your ad receives divided by the number of times your ad is shown. This ratio is expressed as a percentage (clicks ÷ impressions = CTR).

For example: your ad is shown 1000 times and gets 20 clicks, your CTR is 20/1000, or 2%.

  • A high CTR will increase your Ad Rank. When combined with a competitive bid, this:
    • Increases your chance of getting a higher ad position (keyword ads only)
    • Increases your ad impressions and decreases your actual cost-per-click.
  1. Frequently Asked Questions about statistics

a. Why might there be differences between QC Cốc Cốc (QC) statistics and Google Analytics (GA) statistics?

Differences between QC Cốc Cốc (QC) statistics and Google Analytics (GA) statistics may occur for several reasons:

  • CLICK in QC and SESSION in GA are two different metrics. For example, when a user clicks on an ad several times:
    • QC counts all those clicks (if no click fraud is detected);
    • GA counts all those clicks as ONE SESSION if the clicks are made in a certain period of time.
  • Some implementations of GA code do not load until the rest of the page is almost fully loaded. Meanwhile, a click in QC is counted as soon as a user clicks on your ad. Therefore, several cases may occur:
    • Users click on an ad but prevent the landing page from fully loading (navigating to other pages, stop loading the page…) before GA’s code can execute – QC counts this as a click, GA doesn’t count it as a visit.
    • Users click on an ad but the ad’s landing page is inaccessible at that time – Cốc Cốc counts this as a click, however, GA’s code can’t execute so GA won’t count it as a visit.

*QC Cốc Cốc helps monitor and turn off your ad when your landing page is inaccessible. However, before your inaccessible page gets checked, clicks are counted normally. You can add tracking code on your page to have exact statistics in such cases.

  • If your landing page is blocked by firewalls or the user’s browser, an ad click is still counted, but GA code can’t execute.
  • Standard GA tracking code is JavaScript, which can be blocked by some browsers.
  • Your landing page contains more than one GA tracking code, which can cause conflicts and incorrect statistics.
  • Your landing page contains several kinds of tracking code, which can also cause conflicts. You can use the Google Tag Assistant to check all the Google tags on your page.
  • If you have a very active website and you try to run a report that includes a large amount of data, Google Analytics might use data sampling. This sampling can have errors, which might cause differences between your QC Cốc Cốc report and your GA report.

*If you see any discrepancies between your QC Cốc Cốc report and your GA report, contact us here.

b. Why might I have more clicks than impressions

  • A user might click multiple times on one ad impression. If those clicks are not determined to be fraudulent, we count all the clicks.

c. What is a good CTR?

  • There is no fixed “good” CTR that applies to all ads. A good CTR depends on numerous factors, such as your ad format, product, potential customers, etc. However, we can give you some tips to achieve the best CTR possible your specific ad.
    • Optimize your ad content to attract more clicks and increase your CTR;
    • Add more relevant keywords – consider using match types like negative keywords and advanced mode;
    • Adjust your geo-targeting or ad scheduling options
    • Increase your bid to get a higher ad position.

d. When will the people who click on my ad make a purchase?

Unfortunately, we can’t control when your visitors contact you or make a purchase. However, to maximize the chance that your visitors convert, make sure your landing page is highly relevant to your ad text and keywords. The more relevant your landing page, the more likely your visitors will convert.

You can always check detailed stats for your campaigns, ads and keywords. Read more.

If you see any discrepancies or suspicious statistics, please contact us for clarification via:

Hotline: (024) 38 838 838

Skype: coccoc_qc or Yahoo: coccoc_qc