Put your banner ad on the homepage of Cốc Cốc browser

News | huyhq | 20/05/2015

Put your banner ad on the homepage of Cốc Cốc browser

Besides the familiar advertising campaigns, from now on you can create a banner ad campaign, which will be displayed in a central location on Cốc Cốc browser new tab. You can create a banner yourself, manage your campaign, and easily set keywords and the bid on QC Cốc Cốc.

For banner ads you have several options to address your target customers:

  1. Using 20 categories: Education, Fashion, Travel, etc.
  2. Using keywords that users searched for
  3. Using location set to a specific province / city or set to nationwide
  4. Using time-targeting

Advertising banners will be displayed on the auction principle, depending on competitive level and the quality of your ad (See more about it here). At the same time, you can also actively set, manage and update ad bids to achieve optimum efficiency.

Banner ads will be paid from your budget in the advertising account similar to regular ads (See more about it here).

If you have any questions, Cốc Cốc team is always ready to support you through hotline (04) 38838838 or email support_qc@cocc​oc.vn.


  • Step 1: Create a banner ad campaign
    • Click on “Create new campaign
    • Select “Banner ads on Cốc Cốc Browser homepage
    • Name the campaign and a weekly budget limits (if necessary)
    • Click Save
  • Step 2: Create a banner ad
    • Click on “Add new advert” and follow the instructions:
    • Step 2a: Fill out basic information, including:
      • Content: Summary information on the banner, this text will be displayed when the user click on the banner.
      • Link: Link to your landing page
      • Picture: Banner size 640x360px or 728x90px with file size less than 150 KB.
    • Step 2b: Advanced Settings
      • Choose your geographical location: Set banner display area (by province / city or nationwide)
      • Set time: Limit the time of displaying the banner (by day, by choosing time slots)
      • Set impressions: Limit the maximum number of impressions per user
    • Step 2c: Enter keywords
      • Complete your list of keywords in the box. Your banner will be visible to potential users who search those keywords
      • Choose your categories to advertise to users who are interested in topics like Education, Fashion, Travel, etc.
      • Set general bidding or individual bids for each keyword
      • Click SAVE to approve changes and start displaying your ads