Introducing Media Keyword Ad on SERPs

News | huyhq | 14/04/2017

Introducing Media Keyword Ad on SERPs

Coc Coc Ads is excited to introduce a new ad type, bringing another option of ad types for advertisers:

Media keyword ad on Search Engine Result Pages.

Media keyword on SERPs is a highly-targeted ad type. It helps to increase not only your sales, but also your brand awareness through visual graphics.

1. What is a media keyword ad? Where does it appear?

Media keyword ad is the ad that appears on the right side of the search result pages and under the keyword ads (if any).

There will be only one media keyword ad displayed each time there is a query.

2. How it works:

Media keyword ads join an ad auction to be displayed. Your ad quality and bidding price are two key factors that determine if your ad gain the right to be the only banner displayed on SERPs.

Like with every other ad format, you can manage your campaign all by yourself: create ads, set your bidding price, target your audience.

Media keyword ads only have to compete with other media keyword ads. However, if you choose to use both keyword text ad and media keyword, there will be only one ad displayed for a single keyword.

Some targeting options you can choose for this type of an ad:

  • Keywords,
  • Location (where your potential customers gather),
  • Time targeting.

Media keywords ads use money in your ad balance, just as other ad types. Learn more about how to calculate your expense.

You only have to pay when customers click on your icon. Because you can set the bidding price yourself, you can control how to use your budget in a best way.

Media keywords ads need to follow our requirement for banner ads.

If you have any questions, we are always ready to support you through hotline (024) 38 838 838 or email: or

3. Guidelines

Step 1: Create a new Media Keywords Ad Campaign:

  • Sign in to your account at

Choose Media Keywords Ad, name your campaign and click Next.

  • After that, finish basic setups in your new campaign. Click Save to continue.

  • Campaign duration: time you want to run this ad campaign.
  • Weekly payment limit: Set your weekly maximum budget.
  • Stat tracking: Track your campaign activities.

Step 2: Create a new ad:

At the details of campaign page, click “CREATE NEW AD”, you will be taken to the specific campaign interface page after you’ve finished creating your campaign.

2.1: General Information:

  • Alternative text: Enter a brief description about your product or service here. This text will be shown above your banner when users hover their mouse over your banner.

*Notice: Your alternative text should still follow to our general content requirements. Please read more here.

  • Link: This is the page that users will be directed to when they click on your banner.
  • Image: Upload your banner image here. Your image must be less than 60kb. Banners can be uploaded in two sizes: 300 x 250 px and 240 x 400 px. Allowed formats: flash, gif, jpeg, jpg, png.

2.2: Advanced Settings:

  • Geo-targeting: You can choose to only display your banner ad to Cốc Cốc users in certain geographic areas (city/province or nationwide)
  • Ad Scheduling: You can choose to only display your banner ad to Cốc Cốc users during certain times.

2.3: Enter keywords:

  • Fill in the keywords you want to target. Learn more about creating a good keyword list.
  • You can set bids for each individual keyword or apply one bid to all keywords. We recommend you use the “Suggested bid.”  Minimum for each keyword in media keyword ad is 3.300 VND.

Click Save to complete. You have successfully created a new media keyword ad.