[Case Study] Conversion increased by 482% when Pervorm used Cốc Cốc for Friso

News | watson | 22/03/2018

*Kenshoo’s analysis: click here
This case was originally shared by Kenshoo, one of the world’s leading provider of effective marketing and optimization solutions.


This is the result of a search campaign that advertising agency Pervorm conducted for Friso Vietnam, a famous brand of infant formula.

According to Kenshoo, one of the reasons for the campaign’s success is that they have effectively used Coc Coc search ads, which is a local Vietnamese search engine with low competition and therefore cheaper clicks and additional users . With such an outstanding result, Pervorm and FrieslandCampina won the “Infinity Awards 2018” in Kenshoo’s Performance Marketing category.

Here are the details of this campaign:



Increase conversions, but keep CPA within target
The case study shows that Pervorm used search ads on Google and Bing, giving Friso customer interaction with low CPA. However, after a while, Pervorm found that they could not continue to increase conversions. They try to use broader and more up-the-funnel keywords, but the CPA on Google Adwords and Bing increases dramatically. The challenge that Pervorm needs to face is not simple: Increase the amount of conversions by all means, but at the same time maintain CPA at an efficient price.


Solutions and results
According to the statistics provided by Kenshoo, Pervorm has chosed to turn to Coc Coc ads to reach potential customers. Ad campaigns yielded good results: conversion rates increased by 482% after 8 months, at just a 3% higher CPA (which is still within the CPA target). The average conversion rate also increased at a fast pace of 36% month to month. In addition, CPA is 80% lower on Coccoc than on Google and Bing. The conversion rate in Coc Coc is 6% higher than the other engines as well.