“Campaign balance” feature will be removed

News | huyhq | 01/12/2014

“Campaign balance” feature will be removed

From December 8, 2014, “Strategic balance” feature will be removed; instead, the fee for each campaign will be deducted from “Account balance”. You will no longer have to put money into your account, which makes running ads easier: Your ads will work right after you finish creating them.

Old vs new payment steps

It’s very easy, from now on, each campaign will no longer have a “separated pocket” but a new “shared pocket” of your “Account Balance”. The current account balance of all campaigns will be moved back to account balance. In the main interface, the item “balance” will be changed into “Weekly payment limit

So are there any changes in your campaign?

  1. From December 8, 2014, Coc Coc will automatically turn off all working campaigns which have 0 Dong on their account balance. This will help you to avoid unwanted spending.
  2. You should check your account balance to make sure that all campaigns work as you want them to.

Besides, Cốc Cốc encourages advertisers to set “Weekly budget limit” for each campaign. Risk from unwanted excessive spending will be avoided.

*How to set Weekly budget limit

  1. Log in to your account at QC Cốc Cốc
  2. In the “My campaigns” interface or interface of the campaign you want to set limit, find “Budget”, click on it fill in the amount you want to use in a week.

For questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via hotline: (04) 38 838 838 or email: support_qc@coccoc.vn.