Payment methods at QC Cốc Cốc

Payment methods at QC Cốc Cốc

For your convenience, QC Cốc Cốc accepts multiple payment methods for both individuals and businesses. Currently, we accept payment via:

General notice

  1. Payment via ATM Card | Credit | Debit Card

You can pay with a credit, debit or ATM (Internet banking enabled) card. Payments will be conducted via the SohaPay or Smartlink payment gates. Accepted card types:

  • Credit/Debit cards with the VISA or MasterCard logo
  • ATM – Internet Banking cards from the banks below:
  • With SohaPay:

  • With SmartLink:

Please note:

  • You need to have a VISA or MasterCard card which is capable of making online payments, or an ATM – internet banking card.
  • Your payment request will be processed almost immediately.
  1. Payment via Bank Transfer

We accept bank transfers from any bank. To make a payment via bank transfer, please use the following account details:

  • Beneficiary: CÔNG TY TNHH CỐC CỐC
  • VND account number: 0011004193020
  • USD account number: 0011374059368
  • Beneficiary bank: JSC Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam – Address: 31-33 Ngo Quyen Street, Hang Bai Ward, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi City, Vietnam

Please note:

  • The content of the bank transfer memo must contain: “Payment made for order no. ### at QC Cốc Cốc ads” (where ### is the number (ID) of the order in your Invoice). Without the order number, your payment request unfortunately cannot be processed. QC Cốc Cốc is not responsible for any lost may occur in case you forget to write the order number in your transfer memo.
  • Please keep your receipt to cross-check if necessary.
  • QC Cốc Cốc cannot currently receive transfer payments via ATM.
  • QC Cốc Cốc does not take any commission from payments conducted via bank transfer; however, your bank may charge you a fee. Please contact your bank for any information about fees.
  • Transfer times:
  • From Vietcombank during business hours: Your payment will be processed within 02 hours
  • From banks other than Vietcombank, before 3:30 pm (Monday – Friday): Your payment will be processed within 4 – 6 hours.
  • From banks other than Vietcombank, after 3:30 pm: For payments made Monday to Thursday, your payment will be processed the next business day. For payments made on Friday or the weekend, your payment may take 2 – 3 days to process.
  1. Payment via Cash

After choosing to make a cash payment, you will be contacted directly by QC Cốc Cốc staff to confirm your payment details and set up a meeting time to collect your payment.

The time it takes to collect your payment depends on the time you make your payment request, as well as the distance to your office.

If you make your cash payment request in the morning of a business day (Monday to Friday), your money will be added to your account within that day provided you are available for payment collection. If your cash payment request is made in the afternoon or during the weekend, it may last to the next day or longer.

  • Times we collect money: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday
  • Locations: Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City
  • Cash payment is available for payments from 500.000 VNĐ.
  1. General  Information

  • All documents (VAT invoice and hand-over minutes) will be provided based on the business entity type you choose when making your first payment. It’s important to choose your business entity type carefully as this information cannot be changed later.
  • QC Cốc Cốc will send you accounting documents at your request.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via

Hotline: (024) 38 838 838 or emails:



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