Check your payment status and account balance

You can check your account balance, transaction history and manage other financial activities at QC Cốc Cốc at any time by following these instructions:

1. Sign in to your account at QC Cốc Cốc.

2. Choose “Billing” on the menu bar

3. Your Account balance is the current amount of money in your account. This amount can be applied to your ad campaigns.

You can download your billing history by clicking on “Download” on the right side.

  • On the Billing page, the default tab is the “Transactions” tab. Here you will see a day-by-day summary of each monetary transaction associated with your account.
  • Debits are the total charge for all clicks during that day. To the right of the debit column, you can click on the number of clicks to view the cost and click numbers for each individual campaign for that day.
  • Credits are the payments you have made, and are added to your account balance.

4. To view your payments, navigate to the “Orders” tab to see a detailed list of each payment you have made.

Each financial transaction can have one of three statuses:

  • Pending: We received your request to make a payment and the payment is being processed. If you make payment via bank transfer, please proceed the payment with your bank. If your payment method is cash payment, please wait for us to call and discuss with you the time and place for money collecting.
  • Confirmed: We have successfully received payment via your chosen payment method and the money has been credited to your account balance.
  • Rejected: Your payment was not accepted for some reason. Please contact us if you need help.


Any questions on your payment status, just contact us via:

Hotline: (024) 38 838 838 

Email: or

Skype: coccoc_qc; yahoo: coccoc_qc


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