Understanding Auto-bidding

A bid is an important factor in determining which ad is displayed and which position it appears. Therefore, one of the advertisers’ problems is how to set the bids so that your ads meet your performance goals.

That’s why QC Coc Coc introduces Auto-bidding – the feature that would help advertisers to lift the burden of the guesswork out of setting bids.

  1. What is Auto-bidding?

When you create a banner ad campaign on a new browser tab or search ad, you can choose between 2 bid strategies: manual bidding and auto-bidding.

Manual bid strategy allows you to optimize your ads based on your own experience of observing and calculating to achieve your advertising goals.

Auto-bidding allows the system calculate and optimize your bids for you to get the most clicks or impressions. Choosing auto bidding helps you eliminate the guesswork or subjective consideration with bids, so that you just have to focus on ensuring ad quality – the other key factor that determines your ad’s visibility and ranking.

  1. How does Auto-bidding work?

If you choose auto-bidding, the system will automatically calculate and distribute the existing budget among the bids for keywords and ads, in order to maximize ad clicks. These calculations are dependent on the budget you have set in Maximum Weekly Budget. Therefore, setting a maximum budget of 7 days for automatic bidding is mandatory.

You can set a maximum CPC bid. This bid is the limit for all bids set by the system in auto-bidding mode, so they will not mess up with your budget (applies to both CPC and CPM campaigns).

While choosing automated bidding strategy, you can still schedule your ads, as well as the setting up the geographic locations you want your ads to reach, and all of the other settings for your campaigns or ads.

  1. How to set up automated bidding options

When creating a new campaign, you can easily choose automatic bidding at Step 2: SET CAMPAIGN DURATION AND WEEKLY BUDGET.

In Bid Strategy, you’ll see two options: Manual and Auto Bidding: Weekly Budget.

Manual bid strategy allows you to manually set your bids according to your experience.

Auto bidding: Weekly budget: You allow the system to optimize bids for you automatically. You can set a Maximum Bid – the system will not be allowed to set bids higher than this.

When choosing Auto bidding: Weekly budget, you are required to enter a Maximum weekly budget. This is the basis for the system when calculating bids and distributing budgets among the ads in the campaign.

Once you’ve set up your bidding strategy and other settings at Step 2, click Save to move on to the next step.

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