Keyword match types – Phrase match

1. What is phrase match

2. How to add phrase match keywords?

3. How phrase match helps you?

4. Best practices


  1. What is phrase match?
  • Phrase match is one of QC Cốc Cốc’s keyword match types.

Match types: Match types can be applied to each keyword you select. You use keyword match types to help control which searches can trigger your ad.

  • Choosing phrase match will make your ad show if users search for your exact keywordor a close variation of that keyword. The search term must contain your keyword in its exact order, but can include other words before or after your keyword.
  • Phrase match is a basic match type that is less restrictive than exact match, but more specific than broad match.
  • Examples of search terms that  trigger your ads when you use phrase match:

  1. How to add phrase match keywords

    1. Adding phrase match keywords to a new ad

 (See how to create a new search ad and a new banner ad).

When you reach the “Add Keywords” step, enter your keywords inside quotation marks. For example: “iphone”.

Apply phrase match by putting quotation marks around the keyword


  1. Adding phrase match keywords to an existing ad

  • Add new keywords to an ad
  • Find your desired ad and click the “+Add Keywords” button
  • Input new keywords inside quotation marks, for example: “watch”.
  • Click “Apply” to activate your new phrase match keyword.
  • Change an existing keyword to phrase match
  • Click on the keyword you want to change to phrase match.
  • Re-add the keyword inside quotation marks, or choose “Phrase match” in the box.
  • The newly changed keywords will be moderated again. The old keyword will be stopped.
Add keyword inside quotation marks or just add a keyword and choose phrase match from the box


  1. How phrase match helps you

  • More control over what search terms trigger your ads: With phrase match, search terms must contain your keyword in its exact order to trigger your ad. This stops potentially irrelevent search terms from triggering your ads.
  • This increased control can often leader to a higher click-through rate (CTR) than broad match.

When to use other match types

  • Broad match may be better options if you are trying to reach a wider audience than what phrase match allows.
  1. Best practices

  • Use negative keywords: Although phrase match excludes your ad from some potentially irrelevant search terms, there may still be relevant search terms that you don’t want to trigger your ad. You can use negative keywords to exclude those terms.

E.g.: You have the keyword “sport shoes”. The search term China sport shoes will still trigger your ad with phrase match. If you don’t want your ad to show for that term, you can set China as a negative keyword.


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