Keyword Planner – How to Predict Traffic from Keywords

As you might expect, not all keywords receive the same amount of traffic—that’s why we offer our keyword planner tool.

This tool will display the estimated impressions and clicks for keywords in your chosen locations.

  1. How to use the keyword planner

You can find the keyword planner tool by clicking on “Keyword Planner” on your top navigation bar.

Once you’ve navigated to the keyword planner page, enter one of your desired search phrases in the “Keyword” box.

Choose the placement type you’d like to see statistics for. You can see statistics for the Search results page (SERP), Cốc Cốc new tab or both.

By default, the tool will show statistics for all of Vietnam, but you can easily edit the location by typing your desired locations in the “Region” box.

Choose the location for which you want to check statistics


After you’ve entered your keyword and selected your placement(s) and geographic location(s), click “SELECT” to see the results.

Please note: Our keyword planner tool currently offers insights on broad match keywords only.

  1. Understand the results

This tool will display the estimated impressions and clicks for broad match keywords in your chosen locations.

For example: You enter the keyword iphone and select the region Ha Noi. The result (image below) means:

In Ha Noi, ads that displayed for the keyword iphone got 878.927 impressions and 42.565 clicks over the last 30 days.

Iphone received 878.927 impressions and those ads got 42.565 clicks



Apply the results?

  • You can estimate the popularity of the keywords in your keyword list.
  • After creating a keyword list, you can use this tool to compare the keywords. The results may be one thing you want to factor into your bidding strategy.
  • Keep in mind that these statistics are only estimates based on historical averages for the last 30 days. The exact clicks and impressions your specific ad receives will depend on current user search habits, your bid, and your ad’s CTR.


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