Keyword match types – Exact match

From now, Cốc Cốc introduces “Exact match keyword” – feature – a new way of choosing keywords for advertisers. With this option, Cốc Cốc will only show ads if the users search for the exact content of the selected keywords.

To use keywords correctly, please type the keyword between the brackets: [Keyword]

For example: [bánh tráng]

If you choose the exact match keyword [bánh tráng], the ad will appear when users search for ” bánh tráng “; and will NOT show up when searching for “bánh tráng trộn”

Exact match keyword is for advertisers that need to limit the subjects more than usual. However, this feature should be considered carefully because the small limit can eliminate potential customers.

Installation Guide

Step 1: When creating your ad, at setp “Enter keywords

Step 2: To choose the exact match keyword, type the keyword between the brackets [your keyword], then press Enter or click “Add” to save your keywords

E.g: Enter a keyword [bánh tráng], press Enter or click “Add

Step 3: Click “Save