Color contrast for banner design

Good color contrast between your banner’s text and background is critical for running a successful banner ad. Without enough contrast, your text will be difficult to read and users will be less likely to click on your ad. Conversely, too much contrast can cause eye strain.

Unfortunately, Cốc Cốc cannot accept ads without acceptable color contrast levelsTherefore, this article is expected to help our clients design good banner. Please find some suggestions for effective color contrast below:

1. General suggestions

a. Banners with white/light color backgrounds

  • Black text on a white background provides maximum contrast and thus ensures your banner text is readable
  • The contrast between charcoal gray text and a white background provides the minimum contrast for still ensuring readability

b. Banners with black/dark color backgrounds

  • While white text on a black background provides very high contrast, it is less readable and causes eye fatigue.
  • Please note that all light-colored text on dark backgrounds causes eye fatigue.Note: It is better to use the combination of light-colored text on a dark background for small amounts of bold text.

c. Banners with color backgrounds

  • Black or white text on a high-contrast, color background generally provides better readability than when both text and background are in different chromatic colors.

Examples: Color combinations of black and white text with different color backgrounds that you can use when designing your banners.


  • Example scale of good to bad contrast levels


2. Text Emphasis

  • Highlighting: Make some text or symbols stand out in order to enhance emphasis.

For example: This is highlighting.

  • Use high-contrast colors for small amounts of text that you want to emphasize—that is, either a high-chroma color on a dark or light background, or a dark color on a light or high-chroma background.

3. Unacceptable Color Combinations

You should never use color combinations with excessively high contrast. Such combinations make text appear to vibrate, causing eye fatigue/strain and making your text very difficult to read.

Read moreColor combinations that cause eyes fatigue

Choose your color contrast carefully – it’s not just about readability, it’s the way your customer look at your brand! Wish you have interesting and effective ads with QC Cốc Cốc!

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